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10 ways to know that you're attached to your phone

10 habits of a phone-aholic 

They're our new best friends, pocket pals, dictionaries and even study mates. With the technological world advancing and our telephonic devices becoming more and more a necessity in life, the likelihood of humans being wiped off the earth and replaced by full-functioning holograms is extremely high (not actually backed by any kind of research or study- we totally just made that up so don't take it too seriously). Let's face it, we don't want known as a phone-savvy, anti-social, keyboard-warrior smart phone addicts but we probably are...

Here's 10 ways to know: 

1. You have a portable phone charger 

2. You sleep with your phone within arms reach 

3. You'd pack your phone before your lunch (esp when you're rushing out the door) 

4. You can't last a train ride without looking at your phone 

5. You can put your pass-code in with your eyes closed 

6. You feel empty/lost without your phone 

7. You need to bring it to the toilet with you (don't lie... you do it) 

8. You've walked into a pole before while looking at your phone 

9. You will run back home for your phone if you've forgotten it 

10. You go into a mild state of cardiac arrest if you drop it 

11. You've gone over your data for the month but would rather pay the extra $$ than turn off data for Instagram and Facebook (we had to add this one because it's totally relevant) 

Oh and if you're reading this one your phone, GOOD ON YOU! 

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