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Pre-festival pow wow with @brownpapernutrition


Only one sleep to go until the Sydney edition of The Wellness Festival by Colour & Coconuts! To get you all pumped, we’ve got a little behind-the-scenes chat to share with the amazing Jacqueline Alwill, founder of Brown Paper Nutrition, author of Seasons to Share and also long time Matcha Mate. Read below and check out her amazing talents here.

After sell out shows in Melbourne and Brisbane, there are only a few Sydney tickets left so make sure you DON’T MISS OUT! Head to to get yours now! And we have a special discount for all our Matcha Mates (see the bottom of the article).


What three things can anyone do to have an instant (or close to) effect on their health and wellbeing?

  • Get more sleep
  • Drink more water (can be spruced up with citrus fruits or iced herbal tea with mint too!!!)
  • Switch off from the ‘busy-ness’ (phones included) and step more into nature - beach, hike, even just doing some gardening does wonders for health

If you were talking to a ‘wellness newbie’, what one thing do you classify as the most important change they can make to their lifestyle?

Reduce the to do list - it’s easy to get over excited when you’re new to wellness, you take on too much and then instead of being healthy you’re far from it.

What’s the biggest misconception about the idea of a healthy diet?

That it’s restrictive and boring. So far from it - instead of approaching your diet and health with all the things you can’t do, eat or drink, make a list of all the things you CAN DO and then the magic flows from there.

What’s the biggest issue that you believe is facing young, busy workers when it comes to wellness?

Stress and the huge impact this has on our health. When we’re under stress the beautiful song between our hormones begins to tilt out of balance which can have both short and long term consequences for our health. The more we can implement measures to manage stress (meditation, movement, nourishing diet, getting out and about and enjoying life) the better we are for it.


Jacqueline and our Matcha Mama, Sarah, will be joining an amazing line up of other inspiring wellpreneurs including:

  • Lisa Messenger (Collective Hub)
  • Julie Stevanja (Stylerunner)
  • Melissa Ambrosini (author and speaker)
  • Jessica Sepel (JSHealth)
  • Laura Dundovic (the festival hostess with the mostest)
  • Base Body Babes (who will lead a fabulous workout)

Click HERE to get your ticket with a 25% VIP discount!

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