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27th November 2015


Last Friday, we held our very first activation event in collaboration with one of our favourite health foodie friends, Fit Mixes (the incredible DIY protein ball mixes brought to you by the legendary Fit Foodie). A couple of weeks ago, Matcha Maiden and Fit Mixes were discussing how wonderful it has been to meet so many inspiring like-minded people through our work (including each other) and how awesome it would be to devote an entire event to bringing a group together for some eating and greeting.

A few hours later, the idea for Matcha Maiden x Fit Mixes Friday Flow was born - two sister events in each of our respective home towns (Melbourne and Sydney) involving rooftop poolside yoga, delicious healthy snacks and a whole heap of new health foodie friends. This led to some pretty manic planning (luckily we both like to keep ourselves super busy) and we both could not be prouder about how everything came together.

We started off in Sydney with a group of beautiful and talented health and wellness influencers who we are so honoured to have had as our guests. What better place to kick off than the stunning rooftop pool at The Ivy where we spent the morning on pontoons in the middle of the water surrounded by greenery and gorgeous beach decor.

We were led through a beautiful 30 minute flow class to get the blood pumping and instil some morning zen by the amazing Thy of Modo Yoga. As we followed our wonderful photographer, Rach of Alice Liddell Blog, around snapping away on our iPhones, we literally had to pinch ourselves at what an amazing morning we had brought together. It's amazing what you can do in a short space of time if you're dedicated to the cause (and with the support of so many wonderful brands and people for which we are eternally grateful!)

We organised the event ourselves, skipping the PR train, to keep things authentic and intimate which is one wonderful benefit to having a small business. But of course, we couldn't let anyone leave without some #mixnmatcha magic (and #fitmixes fabulousness). So we put on a bit of a breakfast spread to help everyone refuel while they recovered and networked up a storm. We had a layered parfait with yoghurt, matcha chia puds, and cookie dough Fit Mixes crumbled on top, some delicious matcha juices from our friends at Organic Avenue and a bit fat fruit platter full of goodness.

And then of course, there were goodie bags which turned out to be absolutely EPIC! Thank you so much to all of the wonderful brands who contributed to these works of art! We are really quite blown away at how the event turned out and so excited to see what wonderful things happen when you get like-minded driven and inspiring people in a room together. We cannot WAIT for the Melbourne instalment which is coming up next Friday 4th December - there'll of course be another run down of the day afterwards. And we've also had some requests for other locations, so keep your eyes peeled! EXCITING!!!

There aren't really words to express what it's like to be able to spend our days doing things like this with you all. Holding an event is hard work but bringing Matcha Maiden from the online store and social media into the real world is unbelievably rewarding and we can't wait to do it more often. We are so grateful for the friendship of Fit Mixes / The Fit Foodie and encourage you all to work collaboratively as much as possible, it is so beneficial and also so much fun! Thank you all for your enduring support, we really do love you so matcha!

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