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10 in 10 // Yoga for the holidays with Yoga By Candace

We have been enjoying the lovely Yoga By Candace's amazing yoga videos forever and were blown away to have connected with her recently through the Mix N Matcha mission. This beautiful soul has generously contributed to our latest 10 in 10 segment with 10 yoga poses for the holiday season.


10 Yoga Poses for the Holidays

The holidays can be beautiful. I always picture is like this: a blanket of snow outside, a cup of hot tea in my hand, and good times with friends and family. But let's face it, the holidays can be stressful! If you find that stress it's breathing down your neck, here are ten yoga poses to help:

1. Half-Moon Pose. This is a fantastic pose for finding balance in your life. Use a yoga block under the bottom hand if the flexibility isn't quite there yet and watch our for these common mistakes.

2. Mini Back Bend. Hands down, this is my favorite pose to do throughout my work day, and it works just as well at the dinner table! It's excellent for opening up the chest which may help to lift spirits and bring in the holiday cheer.

3. Dancer's Pose. This is my go-to pose when I'm feeling tight and run down. The expansion of the pose makes me feel alive and just might work for you as well. Watch out for these common mistakes.

4. Low Lunge. Are you traveling this holiday season? This low lunge pose will help alleviate tight hips!

5. High Lunge. This pose is great for finding balance, opening up the hips and this variation with the hands behind the head opens up the chest as well, making it a really uplifting pose for the holidays.

6. Handstand. My non-negotiable daily rule is to play every single day. Getting upside down is a great way to play and bring about the holiday cheer. Don't be scared to do it against a wall if you need to!

7. Camel Pose. Another heart opener, this bad boy has the power to brighten your spirits just in time for the holidays.

8. Headstand. Headstand is a great pose to do when you hit the afternoon slump. Spend a few deep breaths upside down and you'll feel re-energized for sure!

9. Pigeon Pose. This is a fab pose to do after a long day of travel. Tight in the hips? No prob, just use a yoga block as shown.

10. Seated Meditation. Believe it or not, this is the thing to do that has the most benefit out of all of these poses. Sit tall, take a mudra with your hands as shown if you like, and close your eyes. Breathe slowly in and out. Commit for five minutes to total stillness as you breathe and open your eyes feeling completely transformed.

Have a wonderful holidays everyone!!!!


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