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MATCHA MATE // Lisa Messenger


For our March Matcha Mail, we could not be more honoured to have had the incredible Lisa Messenger - Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Collective Hub magazine - as our Matcha Mate of the month. This incredible entrepreneur, author and magazine publisher needs no introduction and nor should her amazing work with the Collective Hub magazine (which is one of our FAVOURITE things to read!) We were lucky enough to sit down with this inspiring soul to chat about her top tips for budding entrepreneurs, her day on a plate and a typical day in the Collective Hub office. In her oodles of spare time (lol), she has also written multiple books and has just released her brand newbie, Break-ups & Breakthroughs, which you can read more about here.


1. Tell us a bit about your life pre-Collective Hub?

I owned a custom publishing company for 14-15 years now, which we is still going on today!

2. How did Collective Hub come about? Did you ever think it would grow this big?

It came from my own pain point, I couldn’t find anything that I really got excited about and wanted to read. I wanted to know the story behind the story, and clearly so did everyone else - so here we are today, 31 issues later. I’m hustling every day so sometimes I don’t even think about what tomorrow brings, so in a sense I am still surprised and super grateful that Collective Hub has its recognition.

3. Three biggest challenges of running your own business?

Every day presents challenge, I suppose mainly would be cash flow and remembering I can’t be everywhere at the same time! I consciously choose to adopt an attitude of gratitude and positivity. Finding great people to support you is so important!

4. Three best tips for anyone starting out in business?

There’s other currencies beside money, outsourcing is your friend and just do it!

5. Three highlight moments of the Collective Hub journey so far?

Spending time with Sir Richard Branson.

6. What does a typical day in the office look like for you?

In the mornings I’m greeted by a BIG green juice, then off to internal meetings and before lunch will head off to a Barre class with the team. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to get the afternoon to get stuck into some projects otherwise it may be more meetings and then off to a dinner event.

7. Your day on a plate?

If it was literally… A colourful summer salad!

8. Favourite form of exercise?

A long coastal walk with my dog Benny by my side

9. The thing all budding entrepreneurs should read/watch (after The Collective Hub, of course)?

Read something that you don’t think relates to your business, you will always find nuggets of gold from scientists, comedians, nutritionists.

10. Favourite matcha drink/recipe?

I just love it pure with hot water, great for a 3pm pick me up!

11. Favourite way to relax and combat stress?

Same as exercise. Nothing like the ocean and wind in your hair to cure stress! I also love journaling, gardening and going for a swim or surf.

12. Three people who inspire you?

I draw inspiration from our community mainly, every single day their courage and passion to pursue their goals! Also some great leaders and influencers such as Sir Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Martha Stewart.

13. To most people, a life like yours is on their bucket list. What's on your bucket list?

I don’t really have a bucket list. I would just say travel the world, experience as much as possible, fall in love again and make a difference in this world!

14. What's next for Collective Hub?

Watch this space ;)

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