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The thyme has come // Matcha Mylkbar (the launch)



The Matcha Mylkbar doors have officially opened at 72 Acland St!

Is it Australia's first Matcha cafe? .. YES. Is it also 100% vegan? YES.. Does that mean there's not poached egg option for breakfast?.. NO. Featuring our long-awaited vegan eggs, mushroom lattes, longevity bowls, raw treats, smoothies in skull cups... we're finally open and we're DYING to meet YOU! 


Let's get to the nitty-gritty now - what happened at the launch party? Nip slips, who-wore-it-betters, duct-taped high heel straps, suit & ties, red carpets and paparazzi? You'd be surprised to hear that there was actually NONE of that- purely because we're in St Kilda, not Hollywood, and we aren't THAT kind of awesome. We did get to share our night with some beautiful, amazingly supportive friends of ours though, and in true fashion we thought that it was appropriate to document some of their running thoughts for the night. We asked them some questions about some of the hottest topics, and here's what they had to say; 

Joshua Gibson // Hawthorn Football Club 
Attil Filippelli //
Co-owner of Matcha Mylkbar (and Brighton Schoolhouse, Il Fornaio, The Last Piece) 

If you could be any vegetable, which one would you be and why? 

Josh: "Kale. Because it's a superfood and everyone's loving me at the minute- I'm the new hot thing. You can have me for breakfast lunch and dinner"

Attil: " Capsicum. Because I'm oddly shaped."
Joshua: "And a capsicum looks a lot better when you slice the sides of them off..."
*insert bromance chuckling* 

Nic Davidson is our papa and he's quite ethnically diverse, what nationality do you think he is? 

South Sudan (does not know Nic personally) 
Attil: Zimbabwe (is business partners with Nic...) 


 Selby // Carrot 

What does a day in the life of a carrot look like? 

" Carrots are pretty relaxed and easy going. We wake up hanging around some vegetables. My best vegetable friend is a beetroot but he never turnips. Apartment from that I slowly save the world and save peoples eyesight. It's a tough job but I'm pretty good at it."  

Courtney Gay // @raw_galore
Courtney (far right) feat. some of the biggest foodies in Melb

If you could be any vegetable, which one would you be and why? 

"Sweet potato. Cause everyone loves sweet potato- they can be baked, steamed, fried... But that's really boring!!!"

Grace & Julia // @thegoodnesscollective
Grace (far left), Julia (second from the right) & Co. 

If you could be any vegetable, which one would you be and why? 

GraceDoes potato count? If so I'd be a potato because they're amazing. If not a potato I'd be a broccoli.. cause like potatoes probably have to be the worst vegetable for you and broccoli the best. 

JuliaCorn. Cause I'm corny?

Who else was there? It felt like the whole of Melbourne was over to eat, take photos, eat more, take more photos and just have a bloody good time with us! See who how many people you can name... ready, set, GO! 


The amazing team prepping with our VEGAN EGGS 

Where would we be without these two?
Head Chef Lachlan Timms and Co-Owner of Matcha Mylkbar Mark Filippelli 

These pictures not enough to satisfy your curiousness of what was going on on the night? Here's a blockbuster, A-grade movie for you all to enjoy..  

Thank you SO SO SO SO SO much to all of our amazing friends & family that came to enjoy the night with us. There are absolutely no words in the world that could describe how supported, loved and happy you made us feel- we appreciate each and everyone of you more than you'll ever know!!  A HUGE thank you to the Lachlan and the kitchen and waiting team, APL Photography and all the guys that worked tirelessly behind the scenes to get this night up and running! From the bottom of our lattes, WE LOVE YOU SO SO SO MATCHA! 

What a way to kick it all off!! 


All photos courtesy of APL Photography 

To check out the whole photo album for the night, click on the link below





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