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Matcha Myklbar // We are OPEN (the first week)


at 72 Acland St, St Kilda


We can NOT believe it's only the 7th day of being open! So many things have happened and we've seen SO many people walk through our doors already! Never in our wildest dreams would we have imagined Matcha Mylkbar being this cray in it's first week, let alone not having food at all for the first day (due to a not-so-loyal extractor fan...punintended..), selling out of food on the second, increasing stock for the third and selling out even earlier, increasing stock again for the fourth and sell out of that even EARLIER again than the day before. A rookie mistake? Or pure naivety and modesty in our preparations?

Here are some amazing snaps of some of our favourite dishes from our followers, supporters and diners since the beginning of time (following Matcha Mylkbar time...)

We've got smoothies...

@hilzandevs (instagram) 
feat. 'Wiz Kale-leafa' and 'When Khalesi wears Lycra' smoothies.  

@melbournepopups (instagram)  

String of Events (website) 

We have impastas... 

@marlee_stringofevents (instagram) 
feat. the 'Chicken' Burger with mushroom bacon, avocado, beetroot kraut and cashew sour cream in a matcha bun served next to sweet potato fries ... and a really good pun

We have items inspired by our #socialinfluencers 

@laurahh._ (instagram) 
feat. Matcha pancakes with dark chocolate sauce, strawberry, baobab coconut ice cream and the Chicken Burger chilling out in the background.  

@ptriulcio (instagram) 
feat. mushroom and blackbean tacos, bocconcini, baked corn and cauliflower cream and a matcha latte... in a bowl.  

@peaceloveandgranola_ (instagram) 
feat. Heirloom tomatos with avocado guac, almond fetta basil and kale pesto, crispy kale and toat with eggplant balls & a plate with just sides of errrthing & our dragon fruit smoothie bowl & a tumeric latte (... keeping them full for the next week.. or three!) 

 We have lattes... 

@melbournechaiqueen (instagram) 
feat. Luna park and Palais Theatre (not on the menu...) 


Matcha, beetroot and tumeric lattes walk into a bar... 

@k_rocchi (instagram) 
feat. beetroot and tumeric lattes. 

We have longevity bowls....

@roseparsons (instagram) 
feat. Loma Linda Californian longevity bowl 

Anddd.... we have VEGAN EGGS...

@lawstore (instagram) 

@ieatartforbreakfast (instagram) 

oh yeah! and colouring gadgets for everyone by the amazing @duckrabbitpress!! 

And that's not even the exhaustive list!!! You'll have to come in and give us a wave or have a seat to find it all out for yourself! 

THANK YOU all for your feedback, love and support. For the people that missed out or endured some waits for food, thank you so much for your patience and understanding- we're new at this!! It's been a ridiculous 6 days of mishaps, ups and downs but there's nothing that we would go back and change for the world! We're so excited to share our journey with you and hope you have loved every minute as much as we have here at Matcha Mylkbar, the place we now call home. 

String of events (website) 



Can't wait to meet you. xx

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