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The ULTIMATE Juice Cleanse with Greene St Juice feat. our Papa


It's the recent craze and everyone's doing it, but what exactly IS this "juice cleanse" people talk of? An educated guess would have you thinking that it's having a bath with juice... or maybe rubbing fruits on your body to clean off all that dirt on your skin (or that fake tan from the weekend..). Surprisingly, it's neither. A juice cleanse is designed to remove the burden of built-up, heavy, old, unwanted toxins and create space to receive a new found sense of radiance. More simply, it's the art of cleaning your insides. 

So... in celebration of our new Mix N Matcha blend with Greene St Juice (Green Spice- MUST TRY) our Papa, Nic Davidson, didn't just smash a 1 day cleanse... nor did he do a 3 day cleanse... 5 was a bit odd to finish at ... and 7 was just a little bit too short.. so he did the ultimate Healthy Man Cleanse lasting a total of 14 days!!! 

Here's how it worked, an insight into the experience and the epic results. We hope you're lying down because your are about to be completely knocked-off-your-feet-amazed at it all. 


Please note: This is not Nic... this is Nic's dog, Paul. 

No. of Days: 14 
Process: 2 x 7 day programs 
First 7 days: 8 x juice (and ONLY juice) per day 
Last 7 days: reintroducing food/meals back into the lifestyle starting with 1 meal a day + multiple juices
Tastiness of Juice + Nutrients incorporated: 10/10 


Nic Davidson on the Greene St Healthy Man Cleanse from The Bushy Creative on Vimeo.



Lost: 3.1kg
Dropped: 1.7% Body Fat
Lost: 1.7kg of Fat Mass
Dropped: 800g in Muscle Mass
Felt: On top of the world 
Most drastic change: went from grey shorts to black shorts

Greene St Juice has made Juice Cleansing just about the most effortless thing in the world to do. With a detailed plan on how you should feel throughout the cleanse, when to drink, what to drink and additional information about how to look after your body with every Juice Cleanse, it's hard to find yourself stuck! Each cleanse is tailored to your own activity levels, taste buds and current health status.

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 Are you game? 



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