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Solo sweat sessions with Olivia Arezzolo

Finding it hard to make it to the gym or favourite studio? Sometimes it's difficult to put aside a full hour + travel time to give your body the exercise it deserves. Our lovely friend Olivia Arezzolo of Bondi Outdoor has whipped up some super easy solo sweat sessions to help in those busy times with 3 x 18 minute workouts you can do at home! Yay! Find out more about her beachside bootcamps here.


‘Too busy’ to train is a concept I hear far too often - and one I love to challenge! The thing is you don’t need to slave away for hours to work up a sweat. In fact, when I give my clients these workouts, after a few rounds they are sweating like crazy! The important thing about exercise is that you actually do it, and do it properly. Going for a light jog for 15 minutes probably won’t give you the definition you’re looking for. However, the 3 simple and easy to execute exercises below will definitely point you in the right direction! They are HIIT (high intensity interval training) style workouts, designed to burn fat, boost your metabolism and strengthen your core.

1// The ‘No Equipment’ workout.

Perfect for travelling or when you don't have access to a gym. Do 3 rounds of each of the below exercises - 45 seconds on (i.e. repeating the exercise), 15 seconds off (i.e. resting), with 1 minute rest between sets before you swap to the next exercise.

  • squat jumps (make sure you get super deep)
  • burpees 
  • mountain climbers (hips low please!)
  • push ups
  • jumping lunges (again, nice and deep and push off the ground from the heel of your front foot)

2// The ‘Upper Body’ workout.

Perfect for those who run / walk / cycle often - since you’re usually working your lower half, blending it with circuit like this will help balance out your body’s overall muscle tone.

  • up and downs (keep your core as still as possible!)
  • push ups
  • tricep dips 
  • flutter kicks
  • crunches

3// The "Amazing Butt" workout. 

Ideal for… everyone! Who doesn’t want a great butt!? This uses a resistance band - a cheap, portable and convenient way to add an additional challenge to your standard exercises. Do 3 rounds of 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off, with 1 minute rest between sets.

  • frog leaps
  • resistance band kick backs
  • sumo squats with overhead press
  • resistance band lateral leg raise 
  • resistance band lunges

Each of these exercises are easy to Google if you don't know how they're done properly and they can all be done at home! Yay!


Follow Olivia - @oliviaarezzolo / @bondioutdoor

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