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The New Black in Health Drinks with GoodnessMe Box Nutritionist, Melissa Fine

Melissa Fine is the Health Editor and Nutritionist for the amazing team over at GoodnessMe Box. GoodnessMe Box is a health-food sampling service designed to increase awareness and excitement about eating pure, healthy, and wholesome food that is always natural and GMO free! Each month, members get a box full (5-10) of health goodies... maybe a sneaky pack of Matcha Maiden Mix N Matcha? We're not sure because each box is  SURPRISE and each experience is about discovery! What an awesome, fun way to contribute to a healthy lifestyle, world and mind! Click on the logo for more info or to get a box yourself!

Because we're so excited about discovering these guys, here's an article we could help but share, from their website! 

Melissa Fine talks 3 top health drinks!! 

1 // Kefir


This probiotic-rich beverage may be new to us, but it’s been around since the late 1900s, produced by Eastern Europeans in the Caucasus Mountains. Traditionally, kefir is a fermented milk product fed on grains (the starter culture) rich in symbiotic, beneficial bacteria and yeast. You can also now get kefir made with water and sugar (which the grains should largely ‘eat up’) or coconut water, a take on the traditional brew for the dairy-intolerant.

What about the taste? Kefir made with cow, sheep or goat’s milk is like a tangy yoghurt drink so you’ll probably like it if you’re a fan of tart dairy products like goat’s cheese or yoghurt. You can buy it straight up from the health food store, or if you’re new to the stuff, it may be worth starting with a variety flavoured with fruit, honey or coconut; You can also flavour plain kefir yourself with cinnamon, stevia (a sugar free, plant-based sweetener) or vanilla powder.

I’m a fan of water kefir for a mid-morning or afternoon pick me up – slightly fizzy and with a touch of sweetness, without the yeasty, vinegary flavour that kombucha (another fermented drink) tends to have.

2 // Matcha Lattes


If you’re trying to cut down on your coffee intake, matcha is the perfect substitute. Traditionally a ceremonial Japanese beverage, it’s made from green tea leaves that have been dried and ground into a pale lime powder that doesn’t need to be steeped. Apart from being antioxidant-rich, it’s delicious too – sort of sweet, sort of savoury, and far less bitter and astringent than your typical green tea.

The matcha latte is making an appearance at more and more cafes – and not just the health foodie ones. You can also get your hands on matcha powder at health food stores, which you just need to mix with boiled water and top with frothed milk, almond or coconut milk.

I’ve been swapping my afternoon latte for a matcha latte to help power me through the afternoon because:

  1. It still contains caffeine, but in a lower dose than your coffee (so less jitters)
  2.  Matcha contains L-theanine, an amino acid with the potential to improve cognitive function…Yes please!

3 // Black Water


Say what? Yep, we’ve been treating ourselves to ‘blk.’ water at GoodnessMe Box HQ. And yes, it is black, so you’d expect it to taste different or strange but close your eyes and you’d think you were just drinking natural spring water.

Black water’s distinctive colour is thanks to the addition of the ancient mineral, fulvic acid, which gives the water unique health properties, such as boosting its electrolyte content. We find it super hydrating and it also makes drinking water feel novel and a bit more fun – good for the colder months when it can be hard to get enough water down.


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