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A celebration of moms around the world!

We could write about all the generic things that we love about our mum, but let's delve a little deeper and get that little bit more personal.

We asked our followers to tell us what THEY loved about THEIR mama and here are some of the words that came through


"I love mama's determination, through all the hard times she always gets back up and continues with style"

"She's the strongest woman I know!"

"I love that my mama came with me to my #Beyonce dance class and pretty much turned into Sasha Fierce when she hit the floor. QWEEN."

"I love my mama because she supports all my dreams and kooky ideas no matter what! But at the same time she manages to keep me grounded. She's faced with some really challenging situations at the moment and she still remains a completely positive and calm life force. Seriously, she's 100% support and positivity during some of life's most challenging situations." 

" I love mama's healthy, positive and daily inspiration for regular people to remember how precious life is and to keep smiling through the hard times."

"I love my mama's limitless capacity for allowing and encouraging all that surrounds her - close ones and strangers, the ordinary and extraordinary, the chaos and the calm- to simply BE."

"What I love most about my mum is that she has devoted her life to her 6 children. She is completely selfless and gave up her career as a midwife to raise us and ensure she is always there when we need her. My shoulder to cry on, my biggest fan and my best friend! Love you mum."


We hope you're showing your mother, grandmother, godmother, foster mother and even soon-to-be-mother friends some much deserved love today!!

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