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10 in 10 // Steph Smith's 10 tips for happiness (and how she maintains that killer bod)

As we mentioned, there are so many wonderful and interesting matcha mates in our beautiful matcha family that we decided we really need to start sharing more of their wisdom around. Introducing our new 10 IN 10 segment for the #matchalog, which will include 10 TIPS IN 10 MINUTES from some of our favourite foodie and fitness friends. 

First up is super smokin' Steph Smith (@stephclairesmith), the stunning model who is taking over the world! At only 21, Steph was one of the first to harness the power of social media to her advantage and has an epic following of 771K! With a clean eating e-book (available for download here) under her belt and a portfolio full of big names, Steph travels the world for her work and we thought she might have a tip or two up her sleeve about happiness to share with us all. What better topic to start off with than happiness - like I always say, you can never have too much happy! 


Steph's 10 tips for happiness

1: Have a balanced diet, eat clean but still treat yourself.

2: Go for long walks or runs to clear your mind.

3: Always remember that there are others worse off, so be thankful for what you have in life.

4: Be yourself and be unique, no point trying to be somebody that you're not, just be the best version of you.

5: Fall in love.

6: Love yourself.

7: Find time for a hobby that makes you happy and keep it in your routine.

8: Buy a puppy, dogs are man's best friend in my opinion, nothing better than coming home to their happy energy.

9: Travel.

10: Sleep in.


A few bonus background notes from Steph on how she maintains her killer bod...

We all die a little inside every time we see Steph's abs... or at least I do... Lucky for us, she has shared a few of her insider tips on how she stays in shape on her website which we've extracted for you all below. Take notes people!

"I was a very sporty child, but I also really made the most of my fast metabolism back in the day! Up until about 3 years ago I would eat and drink just about anything and everything, and was very unhealthy in that sense. My metabolism slowing down may have been what got me into healthy eating, but now I'm hooked. I'm so interested in nutrition, and even if I still had my super fast metabolism, I would still eat clean. That's not to say I don't treat myself, I definitely think its important to keep it balanced. I feel so much more energised, my skins clearer, I'm much more confident and happy when I'm eating healthy.

I work super hard for the way I look. Genetics always plays it's part, but in the end, if I was eating badly still and wasn't exercising like I do, I wouldn't look like I do now. I have no particular exercise routine, which is why I never have answered those of you who always ask for one. Its all about finding whats best for you and your body type. I love mixing it up. I do one HIIT PT session a week where I am made to sweat and puff, around 3 Pilates classes (my favourite), about 3-5 long power walks (always depends on how busy I am) and then I hit the gym when I feel like it and do a mixture of things there."

I'll have what she's having!!! Such a babe... And here's one of her enjoying our #mixnmatcha magic from the legends at Sardi Cafe! LOVE!

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