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The Matcha Maiden Signature Smoothie!

Our go-to simple superfood smoothie

One of our favourite ways to enjoy Mix N Matcha is by whipping up a simple superfood smoothie. While the marvellous matcha masterpieces coming out of our beautiful matcha family continue to blow us away every day and far exceed our own culinary capabilities (you're all just so amazing), smoothies are a convenient option for the not-so-kitchen-savvy or the time-poor.

Many of you will have tried our favourite matcha smoothie at the tastings we do every now and then in our beautiful community. We often get asked for the recipe and people are surprised how simple it is to make something so delicious and nutritious. This was one of the very first recipes we ever published, particularly because it's very user-friendly and many of you were new to matcha back then. We thought it was time to share our signature smoothie recipe again, but this time we made a little video for your enjoyment.

Huge thank you to the amazing Ocean House Lorne where we were so privileged to shoot this video and lots of other goodies in the stunning kitchen (surrounded by picturesque ocean views, I might add). And another special mention to Vitamix Australia to whom we are eternally grateful for our absolutely wonderful Vitamix Professional Series 750it almost seems a waste making smoothies in this baby because it can do so many more incredible things. We even made our own NUT BUTTER in this thing! 

The recipe is also extracted as text below - we hope you enjoy!




1 banana (or 2 depending on size/preference)

1 handful of spinach

2 cups of almond milk

1/2 teaspoon of Mix N Matcha (or one teaspoon if you love matcha as much as we do)

Sprinkle of chia seeds/coconut flakes/other superfoods (optional)

Dollop of honey/coconut nectar (optional)


Put everything in the blender.

Blend and enjoy! SO EASY!

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