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5 Summer Makeup Secrets (take notes for next Summer, US friends!)

The Summer season is well and truly here in Australia (so to our dear American friends, take notes for Summer time!)! The best part about Summer is being able to spend time outdoors with friends and family. There are so many things we love about Summer. However, we don’t love that feeling of melting makeup and blemished skin!!!

Never fear, Matcha Maiden is here with some Summer Makeup Secrets to share with you that will keep you feeling cool, calm and collected! We've compiled some tips and tricks from the industry (as well as product recommendations from the experts) to help you keep your face on in the sweltering heat!

1. Facial sunscreen

If you’re going out for a day in the summer sun, remember to take care with a facial sunscreen to protect your skin from damage. This is a makeup friendly alternative to your typical greasy and heavy sunscreens. Yes, that’s correct, you can buy a sunscreen that is made to be worn underneath your everyday makeup. Now there is no excuse for getting burnt this summer! We recommend: To Save Face SPF 30+ Mecca Cosmetica

2. Powder or liquid?

Do you struggle with the choice of whether to wear powder or liquid based makeup products? Well, we have your answer. Pack away your pressed powders because you’re going to get the best results with liquid and cream based makeup products this summer! For an everyday, casual look, go for a tinted moisturiser that is lightweight with good coverage and won’t contribute to blemished skin. Using a cream blush makes it easier to blend that will give you a natural look, is long lasting and can withhold sweat better than a powdered blush. We recommend: Stila convertible colour & Hourglass' tinted moisturiser

3. Primer

It’s a good idea to go back to basics and establish what helps create a strong base for your makeup look. Primer has the ability to seal off your pores from building up with unwanted dirt and oilds before you begin applying layers of foundation, concealer, blush etc. A mattifying primer is a noble summer essential that will stop your foundation from looking oily and worn-out – every girl’s worst nightmare! We recommend: Becca cosmetics ever matte poreless priming perfector

4. Finishing spray (who knew this existed?!)

For those nights (and even days) out where you want to wear your full coverage makeup, use a finishing spray when applying. The trick is to spray your face before putting on your primer than spray each time you put each layer of makeup on. The benefit of finishing spray is to help increase the longevity of your makeup by setting it in place. This will help keep your face looking fresh and radiant. We recommend: Urban decay oil control setting spray

5. Blotting paper

Resist the urge to reapply layers of makeup onto your face when you think it’s looking shiny and oily. Stash some oil absorbing sheets in your purse to use during a day out with friends or on your lunch breaks in the office. Oil absorbing sheets are perfect for soaking up excess oil from your skin without smearing or removing your makeup. We recommend: Clean & Clear Instant Oil Absorbing sheets

Happy Summer beautiful people!!!

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